Re: Minor customisation in ios Application

Hello I am working with zoom SDK i have following minor customisation

  1. I want to remove chat from more option
  2. Participants can join using our application they want be aware about meeting ID and password. So even I want to restrict them to see meeting Id and Password
  3. If I am not able to hide chat icon in more option than I want to open my own controller, is it fisible?

Hey @itadmin,

Thanks for using the dev forum!

For question 1: There is a function called meetingChatHidden within MobileRTCMeetingSettings that will hide the chat button form the more option.
2: You can hide the password with meetingPasswordHidden within MobileRTCMeetingSettings, but the meetingID cannot be hidden directly. You can however, hide the entire top bar with topBarHidden.
3. You cannot supply your own chat ViewController unless you implement a Custom Meeting UI.

Let me know if you have any other questions.