React Native App Issue

Hi, im using base code that is provided for video sdk react native. I added mobilertc.aar file from android SDK. then i followed these steps
1 - npm i on main folder
2 - npm i --force on example folder
3 - npm run android in example folder

as result application did started but with this error

To be honest i dont find clear instructions for setting up React Native Sample App, instructions for Web Video SDK are amazing and i got it working without any issue. Just as a side note i am able to run Android Video SDK Sample App just fine so i think there is no issues in my environment.

I think sample code provided for react native app dont work out of the box like web video sdk. That would help if you guys can setup a git repo with everything setup and we can change api keys to test it out.
If that`s alot to ask that would really help if i could get pointers on issue i attached in picture.

Which React Native Video SDK version?
Latest till date

Hi @mianmuneebajaz, thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear you are having issues running the React Native sample app. Based on the information you have provided, it seems that you are trying to use npm instead of yarn to run the sample app. This should technically be possible, but we don’t recommend this approach. Instead, please run the commands found here and let me know if you are still experiencing any issues.

Note that because you already ran npm, you may need to start over with a fresh install since using multiple package managers in the same project may cause adverse behavior.


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