Reaction retrieval from the API or a web-hook (raise hand, clap, etc.)

I’m creating a little screen with a Raspberry Pi Pico W, that gives a speaker information about a Zoom meeting. However, the primary functionality of this device is to show meeting attendents who currently have their hand raised, which the Zoom API doesn’t have the functionality to do. This is unheard of, for a paid service.

I see a couple of solutions to this:

  1. Make two webhooks, one for when a participant raises their hand and one for when their hand gets lowered (which, by the way, is also missing for muting, unmuting and webcam on and off etc.)

  2. In the endpoint that returns a list of participants in a meeting, have a field for each user that contains the current reaction ‘none | raised_hand | clap | etc…’ (Doc ref)

  3. Make a dedicated endpoint that returns all participants with their hands raised in a meeting. This should be in the “dashboard” section in the docs.

I see nr. 1 and 2 as the most viable, since the 3rd is too much, for “just” getting a single property of a lot of people.

There really is no alternatives to these solutions. I found an old thread where someone had a hack for this, which involed the debug-console in the browser. That is not viable, since all of the attendents in the meeting are using either their phone, tablet and the client for desktop. Generally there isn’t any details about each participant and their status for the meeting. I would see these features as very useful. Imagine a professor teaching a class, and keeping track of attendence by counting how many times specific students raises their hand.


+1 This functionality is much needed.

+1 This functionality is much needed