Is there is any api to get Zoom meeting raise hand count?

Is there is any api to get Zoom meeting raise hand count of the meeting

Hi @archanagalaxyweblink

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
Right now we do not have an endpoint that you could query to get a raise hand count on meetings.

Feel free to add a feature request here:


Do you have any api or sdk to get meeting reaction,screen shared duration,screen annotation and breakout room participants in and out information?

Hi @archanagalaxyweblink

Are any of these endpoints useful for what you are looking for:

@elisa.zoom, I’m looking for the same thing but these two links are actually the same and only lead to the general overview and not any specific API - so not any clearer than when we looked over the API list ourselves.

Would be nice if the response would feature a more tailored suggestion.

I’m looking for an add-on to more prominently display a list of only the participants with raised hands and maybe even switches on some hardware indicator (IoT sign) that there is some in the list (possibly with count).

Hello @Scruff.R

Of course! That was my bad, I did not notice that the links that I shared where the same

I was suggesting this one:
List meeting participants Zoom Meeting API

Hi @elisa.zoom, thanks for the clarification but the participants structure does not appear to contain a field that would tell us whether a participant has currently raised their hands or not.

I see, yeah we do not have an endpoint that will show you when participants raise their hands.

Feel free to add this as a feature request here:


Thanks again.

There already is such a request from March 2020 which I backed two weeks ago as it appears to become stale.

There are other (similar) feature requests here 2020

There is also this locked thread

Some of these indicate that it’s been looked into already, but they don’t indicate how or where to keep track of progress (if any) on that front.