Read/Unread API


We recently attempted to utilize Zoom API to mark certain channel chats as “read” to address the issue of high numbers of unread messages. Unfortunately, the API did not function as expected and did not provide the capability to mark channel messages as “read” for all users within the channel.

API: Zoom Team Chat API

Considering this, I wanted to inquire whether there is an alternative API available that would allow us to mark channel chats, group chats, and direct chats as “read” via the API. It is important that all participants in these conversations can see that the messages have been read.

If there is an alternative API or any other method that can help us achieve this functionality, we would greatly appreciate your guidance and support.

Hi @Lasni
Thanks for reaching out to us! I am happy to help here!
Unfortunately, I do not think we have an alternative way to achieve this other than the endpoint you have already tried.
But could you please share more details about this issue.
I am curious to learn why this is not working for you, if you are getting any error?