Reccuring webinar registration: Set the rate limit per occurence instead of per webinar

API Endpoint
POST /webinars/{webinarId}/registrants


I would like to request a change for the rate limit of the API when adding a registrant to a webinar (using this endpoint).

A current limitation of this endpoint is that we can only perform 3 requests of this type by email and for a given webinar.

Here is exactly what the doc says about it (from this page):

A single user can only make a maximum of 3 requests per day (UTC) for the same registrant in the same meeting or webinar for the following APIs:

While the limit seems reasonable in most cases, I encounter issues with recurring webinars. Currently, the rate limit will be shared by every occurrence of the webinar.

For example, if I create a webinar with 10 occurrences, and require the registration for each one of them a given user will only be able to register to three occurrences before reaching the rate limit:

I believe that in those cases, it will make more sense to set the limit to 3 requests per occurrence instead of per webinar.