Receiving an existing meeting ID when creating a meeting

Hi all,

I have a very rare bug (that happens about once every couple hundred meetings) where, when requesting a new meeting creation using{zoom_userid}/meetings/, i’ll receive a meeting ID that already exists for the user in question.

Here is a boiled down version of the code & payload we use to generate meetings : Zoom Create meeting · GitHub

This happened about 4 times over a period of 6 months. In all 4 cases, the two meetings were created month apart.

Is there a possibility that the Zoom API doesn’t properly check that the number already exists before returning it as a new meeting number? I’m at a loss here.

Related ticket number is 16350570. I was referred here by the agent because they couldn’t help.

Hi @svezina
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum.
This is something that I have not seen before.
I will take a look into the ticket that you have shared and also into the code that you have shared with us and will come back to you with an update.