Receiving continuous 'meeting.participant_jbh_waiting' webhook events


Our server has been receiving the same event notification since the afternoon of 03/28/2022. As of this writing, we have received ~3700 notifications. Although the meeting was generated by our application, we are unable to locate a record within the dashboard for this meetingId. We were thinking that if we could find and delete the meeting, the notification would stop being delivered. Here is a sample of one of the most recent event notifications :

"applicationId": "OuBnQdCtQ6emrC3kY36n5A",
"monitorTime": 1648649785312,
"traceId": "v=2.0;clid=us06;sid=UTID_0ca391fe331f41988e76a928c3985d54;rid=WEB_9defd46ecd1c28c09985ca5bd70b3865",
"accountId": "EqrNk0MIQUOJ101mXI2Ovg",
"event": "meeting.participant_jbh_waiting",
"status": "200",
"userId": "Qq5X-Jz3QCOzr0V_q5QUog",
"url": "",
"subscriptionId": "VrvH4vEcT0SIzRWwo6Nznw",
"requestHeaders": "N/A",
"requestBody": {
"event": "meeting.participant_jbh_waiting",
"payload": {
"account_id": "EqrNk0MIQUOJ101mXI2Ovg",
"object": {
"duration": 15,
"timezone": "UTC",
"topic": "Patient Appointment : 03/28/2022 10:10 AM | **** (MR=114584)",
"id": "81683495935",
"type": 2,
"uuid": "ltppuJ7KRx+ZNeJGJKDiKA==",
"host_id": "Qq5X-Jz3QCOzr0V_q5QUog",
"participant": {
"user_name": "",
"id": ""
"event_ts": 1648649785282
"responseHeaders": {
"Server": "Microsoft-HTTPAPI/2.0",
"Date": "Wed, 30 Mar 2022 14:16:25 GMT"
"runTime": "143",
"ttl": 1649859387,
"requestParameters": undefined,
"responseData": undefined

This is my first post in this forum, so I apologize in advance if the formatting is not up to standard. :slight_smile:
Any help that you could provide would be greatly appreciated!