Participants - webhook (participant joined and participant left)

I’m using webhooks to get participants details, (meeting.participant_joined, and meeting.participants_left). It is not giving me accurate information, It gets triggered even when an event does not occur.

participant_left is triggered even when the meeting is ongoing and vice versa.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

No Error. Webhook makes false calls, I checked server logs to make sure there were no errors.

Hi @nithishravindra8,

Happy to look into this for you.

Can you please share an example of the following so that I can investigate?:

  • Meeting ID where this occurred
  • User/Participant for whom a webhook was triggered unnecessarily
  • Webhook Payload(s)


Webhook payload - meeting.participant_joined, meeting.participant_left,
Meeting ID - 74876026574.
I get a log whenever a participant joins/quits a meeting. But I get additional logs as the participant joined even the participant already is present in the meeting similarly participant left even when the participant is present in the meeting. This happens to all the participants including the host.

Hi @nithishravindra8,

Can you please share an example payload for one of these participants? (JSON payload received from Zoom event) This will help me to take a closer look.


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