Recorded files from Meeting Bot have no audio (0bytes) if admin record the meeting themselves

Meeting SDK Type and Version

C++ Linux Meeting SDK

Our Meeting Bot App, created through meeting sdk, is able to record the audio of the meeting as usual only if the Admin doesn’t start a recording themselves.

But when the zoom room admin records the meeting, our bot recording results has 0 bytes size and have no audio.

There is no error logs occur, but the recorded raw pcm audio files has 0 bytes.

Troubleshooting Routes

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior including:
1. Create a meeting as admin
2. Zoom Admin start meeting recording from zoom desktop app
3. Add bot meeting using SDK and request to join + recording
4. As Admin, approve bot joining + recording request
5. When the meeting ends, Admin has its recording files while bot user’s audio has 0 bytes. My hypothesis is zoom app can only approves one recorder at a time

@dani2 I’ve tried this (host starting local recording and bot starting raw recording) and it works ok.

Some sample code might only subscribes to the “first” user. There is a chance sometimes the “first” user is the Linux bot (with no microphone).

Let me know which code sample you are using.

Hi @chunsiong.zoom it turns out, the recording request was not approved by administrator, I apologise for mistakes. Thanks