I have web sdk incorporated. I have integrated mediacapturepermission and onMediaCapturePermissionChange in it too. It prompts host to be able to record the meetings, but will it do for all types of meetings hosted from web or desktop app since context of my application is different. And store them because I saw the following comment of yours on another thread :

How do I do meaningful recording for my application’s use case then

Please let me know,

@management1 sorry but I don’t understand what’s the question.

the question here is that I have incorporated the web SDK with the relevant media permissions. Will the web SDK enabled participant/bot be able to record the meetings via Zoom as mentioned in the documentation over here Meeting Bots Accessing Media Streams

or will we have to incorporate third party recording tools as written by you in the below picture

@management1 , the Web SDK will not be able to record the audio and video to local files. You might be able to use 3rd party recording tools, but this is out of scope for the forum.

Currently you will need SDK which are either on Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, Linux SDK to record to local files.

@chunsiong.zoom Ok i need clarification on one more thing regarding the web SDK.
I have configured the web SDK as a bot to join meetings. Will it be possible for that bot to be part of several meetings simultaneously in a production environment?
Just let me know about this too.


I’m paraphrase your question to make sure I’m getting this right.

You are asking if Meeting SDK for Web (Web SDK) can join many different meetings at the same time?

Yes, but with the following conditions

  • Each of them are on a different machine. While possible, I cannot vouch that it will work if 2 (or more) instance of the Web SDK are on the same machine.
  • The Meeting SDK / General App is published for external meeting join.

When you say machine here, you mean different end users on their respective machines right? like person A on his computer using our app and person B on his computer using our app and consequently.
Clarify this too.

yes thats right @management1

Is there any way we can allow participants to allow recording to this web powered sdk bot too, reason being since app is in approval phase and need to roll it out to our internal users for testing purposes, Is this possible.

Please guide on this too.

@management1 web does not support recording to local storage.

No , what we mean is that we are implementing 3rd party local storage via web sdk as approved by marketplace and your guidelines.
But there’s a catch to that which is only the meeting host can allow recording permissions, what I am asking is can’t I give the recordings via the meeting participants as well instead of the host for internal testing.

@management1 sorry I don’t understand the question, could you paraphrase?

The question is that is there someway we can assign the recording privileges to the participants instead of the host via the Zoom API which we are using to create meetings ?

Hey @shiva.goodmeetings,

Happy to chime in here to provide some guidance.

As you’ve observed, the above mentioned method (mediacapturepermission and onMediaCapturePermissionChange) will work for getting recording permission when the host is in the call. If the host isn’t in the call, however, this method of achieving permissions isn’t viable since you can’t prompt the host for recording permissions.

If your use case commonly involves a host not being present during the meeting, the workaround here is to use OAuth to get local recording permissions. Here’s some Zoom documentation that explains how this works: Use raw data | Meeting SDK | Windows.

When you get the join token for local recording via OAuth permissions, you will be able to record meetings even when the host is not present, since they have already granted long-lasting permission via OAuth and thus do not require a manual permission grant during the meeting itself.

Another alternative is to use for your meeting bots instead. It’s a simple 3rd party API that lets you use meeting bots to get raw audio/video from meetings without you needing to spend months to build, scale and maintain these bots. We also have a Zoom OAuth integration that makes it simple to grant bot recording permissions through the flow mentioned above.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Could you be more specific regarding what do I need to configure in my code to enable recordings for when the host is not present


The question is that is there someway we can assign the recording privileges to the participants instead of the host via the Zoom API which we are using to create meetings ?

In Web SDK, the host has to be in meeting to grant recording permission to participant.

If you are using non web SDK, there is a way for participant to get a recording token, which gives the token bearer rights to record. But this is only available on certain client SDK.

  • get the recording token via OAuth or Server to Server OAuth
  • create a Windows Meeting SDK or Linux Meeting SDK App using c++
  • Join the meeting using the recording token
  • process the raw audio and raw video in PCM and YUV420 format accordingly

@chunsiong.zoom Also help us out here. We took a meeting with @yoon.conner yesterday and he explicitly stated that once permission is given via the web sdk to record using the media capture permissions etc, there should be a recording icon in the meeting via the web SDK indicating to other users that recording is taking place.

According to my R&D and conversation with you, I have found nothing in particular regarding that, this was one of the objections raised.

Could you clarify on this too and guide me regarding that ?

@management1 whats the question?

The Web SDK does not allow you to do recording.

It will allow you to

  • prompt host for recording permission
  • change the status to “recording”, which notifies other users that recording is taking place. this status is only possible if and only if host approves the request for permission.

The Web SDK does not allow you to do recording even doing the 2 things above.

On the Web SDK, you will need to use 3rd party solutions to start recording after getting permission and notifying users that recording is taking place.

Yes, We get what you are saying but once the user/hosts grants the recording permission, No recording icon is showed, that was the issue raised by Yoon. So basically you’re saying that recording popup/dialog box will appear once for all and if approved, there will be no icon similar to the image attached below ?

in short we’re asking, how do we do this :
change the status to “recording”, which notifies other users that recording is taking place. this status is only possible if and only if host approves the request for permission

is there some specific configurable in the settings/parameters

@chunsiong.zoom I shifted to linux sdk for a better approach as stated by you ,
I am encountering this error

Further also tell me, where will be this bot recording be saved now