Recording Complete event not triggering when user hasn't installed the app

Zoom Apps Configuration
Using Vue3 on client, and AWS lambdas for webhook handling and backend as well.

The webhook is working correctly when the host is a user who has installed the app. But when the meeting host hasn’t the app installed, the webhook doesn’t trigger, whether it’s recording.complete or meeting.participant_joined / meeting.participant_left

Is it an expected behavior ? Because according to the documentation Zoom provides, there is no mention that the host needs to have the Zoom app installed for the “All Recordings have completed” event to be triggered.

As long as the meeting or webinar host has enabled cloud recording and the meeting or webinar has been recorded, the “All Recordings have completed” event should be triggered, regardless of whether the host has the Zoom app installed or not.

Hi @yoelz

Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer forum, I am happy to help here!
The behavior you are seeing is expected. You will only receive a webhook event when the meeting belongs to the host that has authorized the app.

So does that mean that in the case of an OAuth app, if the user has authorized the app and the OAuth app has recording:read:admin scope enabled, will i be able to get a list of recordings on behalf of the user that has authorized the app ? Using his access_token

Thanks for clarifications !

Do you have an idea if third party organization add my OAuth app and my App has the necessary scopes, will I indeed receive successful response from Zoom API such as List Participants etc ? Using their access_token

Hi @yoelz , yes you will be able to call the API endpoints or receive webhooks for installed users with proper scoped access.