Recording complete webhook - participant_audio_files field

I have a couple of questions/comments about the field participant_audio_files in this api webhook: Zoom API Events - Meeting

  1. I notice this field is array of JSON objects which I assume represents each speaker in a call. Are all of the speaker files that are outputted guaranteed to be the same length (the length of the call)? And does everyone who was on the call get a participant audio file even if they didn’t speak?

  2. How do I go about identifying which speaker file corresponds to which participant in the Zoom call? I don’t see any unique identifiers like a user_id. (please correct me if I’m wrong!)

  3. I notice there is a “status” field which can be either “complete” or “processing”. Since this is a webhook that notifies when “recording is complete” when can that ever be returned in state “processing”? Is this webhook recalled every single time a new individual recording is now in state “complete”?

  4. There is also a “recording_type” field that is in the JSON example/JSON output but not in the text documentation. Is this endpoint expected to return that field or not? And if it is what could it possibly be other than “audio_only”?

  5. Lastly I just want to confirm that Zoom Pro and above users are able to enable this individual audio recording to the cloud feature (not just locally).

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