Recording Events are missing from Account Level App

This topic is specially for Zoom Dev Support.

I have created two account level apps but when trying to activate cloud recording web hooks in the list there is no any Recording events why

Here no any Meeting Recordings Events

Here those are visible

The apps are created on same account of same type (account-level).



@donte.zoom @elisa.zoom Please reply here as soon as possible. Thanks

thanks for posting this question…

we are seeing the same thing… except that we only have one app created and the recording.completed event is simply not available. none of the recording events are.

@developer32 @freelancer.nak are the accounts tied to the same account you are using for the devforum?

@chunsiong.zoom Nope. How to share that account details privately to you.


I have the same problem( Help me, please Please wait I am in process with Zoom Support to resolve this once done, will surely share how to resolve that here also.

Thanks. @developer32

this should be fixed now