Recordings Event missing on webhook setup

Hey Devs,

I’m trying to enable webhook events for one of my app. but unfortunately, I don’t see the ‘Recordings’ event to select and listen. I’m not sure why this particular event is missing in my account.

What I’m trying to accomplish is listen to the Recording event and once the meeting/live is done, Zoom will send me the recording URL to my desired webhook URL.

this looks weird to me or am I missing something?

Thanks A lot!

here’s a screenshot of the events in webhook setup I see: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

same issue. did you find a solution ?

When we wanto select, recording.completed event for an app, but Recording Type section is absent.

is that normal for new apps ? How can we select the recording.completed event ?

@mahbub.meh @kesifyildizi hope you will be fine.

Zoom Devforum Support confirmed that they found this bug and will be fixed soon.


Aaah! Thank you for confirming, why has nobody complaint about this yet? then I should get a bug bounty maybe?

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