Recording - How to add and remove video feeds

We would like to manage (add and remove) video feeds of users during local recording in the Video Wall Mode. Is is something possible to achieve with the current SDK? If not, is there any alternatives that we could use to record multiple participantes in a zoom meeting?

Which version?
v5.0.24433.0616 ยท zoom/zoom-sdk-macos@97f8806

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device Spec: MAC
  • OS: [ALL MacOS]
  • Version: N/A

Additional context
We have checked the Zoom sdk documentation, and the sample apps, but we could not find any additional docs that can help us to develop this feature.

@carson.zoom Is there any estimate when the new SDK will be release to public? I feel like most of the existent issues posted by me and @MaxH, also some features could be covered in the next version.

If not, is it possible to be early beta in the next MacOs version? We are working closely with Film & TV Casting industries and we we need to use have the Zoom cutting edge technology and support to achieve the goals.

Hi @john.vidal,

Thanks for the reply. The new SDK has been released and you may find it here:; Please have a try and see if this works for you.


Hi @carson.zoom, thank you for the reply! We have tried new SDK, but it seems we have faced the new issue which brakes possibility to record into mp4 file. I have created separate ticket for that onRecord2MP4Done callback is not get called . Could you please take a look, thank you!