Recording layout description for each recording_type

For each value of recording_type what is the actual recording layout that we see in Zoom?

Which Endpoint/s?

Additional context
I read through this help topic:

and found recording_types for video recording layouts:

  • SharedScreenWithSpeakerView
  • SharedScreenWithSpeakerViewCC
  • SharedScreenWithGalleryView
  • SharedScreen
  • ActiveSpeaker
  • GalleryView
  • SpeakerView

This article describes recording layouts:

but how does each of the recording_type strings precisely map to the layouts as perceived in the Zoom UI? Is SharedScreen a video with no camera footage? What’s the difference between ActiveSpeaker and SpeakerView? Any other description of the layouts for specific recording_types would be appreciated.

Hi @dsilveira,

Thanks for reaching out about this. While this article you’ve linked to is the most comprehensive resource we have available at the moment, I can clarify the following:

  • SharedScreen refers to the content being shared by the sharer, without any participant/speaker camera views being shown at the same time
  • ActiveSpeaker will switch depending on who is speaking at a given point in the recording.

Having said this, it’s a great suggestion to create a more comprehensive resource that outlines how this maps between the UI and the API. I will see if this is something we might be able to work on.

cc @shrijana.g



What’s the difference between ActiveSpeaker and SpeakerView?

Hey @dsilveira,

I believe ActiveSpeaker view will record any content that is being shared as well as the active speaker in the top right hand corner, while SpeakerView will record only the camera for the person speaking.


Thank you for the response, Will.

I’m not familiar with SpeakerView, as I have never come across any recording with that recording_type, but I regularly receive ActiveSpeaker recordings and they never contain any content that is being shared.

My goal is to prioritize recordings for display, depending on what is returned. I’m going to go ahead and throw SpeakerView into the mix, even though I don’t know precisely what it contains, but any future documentation about UI to API mapping will be appreciated. Again, thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the context, @dsilveira! This is really valuable feedback, and can definitely see an area for improvement here. We will work on adding this to our roadmap for documentation clarifications. :slight_smile:


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