Trigger shared screen with speaker view(CC) recording type from cloud recording webhook

we develop functionality to handle specific recording type from cloud recording webhook. can anyone elaborate how to make cloud recording webhook return recording file object with recording_type = shared_screen_with_speaker_view(CC) ? i’ve tried some settings but only got recording_type = shared_screen_with_speaker_view so far. i use recording.completed event from webhook.

doc reference:
Zoom Meeting API

i’ve read the doc but no detailed information about shared_screen_with_speaker_view(CC) recording type.

Hi @fardiansyah-xaltius , which recording webhooks are you using please? For instance recording.completed should have that information present in the event if relevant.

Hello @gianni.zoom , thanks for responding. yes, i use recording.completed event. i’am able to get that recording type from a client’s host account, but not sure how to reproduce it. can you please elaborate about specific settings or condition, how to exactly produce this shared_screen_with_speaker_view(CC) recording type?

Oh thanks for clarifying @fardiansyah-xaltius . Here’s more detail about what that view looks like;

yeah, i read those conversation before. unfortunately it did not explain how to exactly produce the recording type. is it require some specific settings on cloud recording or particular menu/action on zoom client during the conference session. i’ve tried several options from could recording settings, but still can’t get shared_screen_with_speaker_view(CC) output from the cloud recording.

@fardiansyah-xaltius , I’ll do some more digging. Can you please share the recording settings you have tried and their output?

@gianni.zoom , thanks in advance. Following is my cloud recording settings at the moment. Also tried following options:

  • checked/unchecked Save closed caption as a VTT file.
  • enable/disable caption on zoom desktop client app
    but the output still return shared_screen_with_speaker_view instead of shared_screen_with_speaker_view(CC)