Recording not found

Hello, I am making the following request to get the recording metadata for a given call id:

And I get this as a response:

Response code: 400
Response content: {"code":404,"message":"Recording does not exist: ."}

I can verify the recording exists for that particular call id, so why is this happening?

Here is the client id and account id in case you need them:


Anyone from support?

@gianni.zoom or @elisa.zoom

I can get the recording using the call log id from the phone.recording_completed event, so, why I can access the recording using the call id?

@ojus.zoom ? @elisa.zoom?

Hi @jose ,

Is this your first time using this endpoint or it was working fine before but now failing with certain recordings?

First time using this endpoint, and it fail from time to time

Hi @jose ,

Just sent a private message requesting some additional info.


Hi @jose , did you try with the call log id as well?

Yes and this is related to the other question I have in the forum

Hi @jose , what other post? Can you please confirm if there any particular privacy/permissions settings enabled on the recording itself or through the Zoom web portal that could be restricting access to query certain recordings?