Request - New Gallery Order Interface

Now that the main client and the SDK client have the option to re-order the gallery view, and have also integrated new features that cause the order of the gallery to change (for example, when a hand is raised), it would be very helpful to have the following capabilities:

  1. A “getter” for the gallery order. It’s very cumbersome to do this on macos right now, and, as far as I can tell, impossible on Windows. A call to an interface that returned an IList of Zoom user IDs in the order that they appear in the multiple gallery pages would be essential for offering a complete insight into the meeting state.

  2. A “setter” for a user’s video within the gallery order. I would love a function call that takes a Zoom user ID and an index in the gallery and inserts the user into that index in the gallery view, provided that the proper requirements to make a movement of the gallery order are met.

  3. A callback when the gallery order changes. Pretty straightforward, just want to avoid needed to call the getter in every program loop to determine if there is a change.

Thanks for your consideration!


+1. This feature is essential to create complex SDK applications that interface with video feeds, especially in a live event production context.


As an avid user of zoom and ZoomOSC I second the request made here. It would really enhance the capabilities of the interesting ways we have been able to use zoom in the last year.

Many of the vital features that are offered by zoom and by extension by zoomOSC would be rocketed to another level for those of us that work in the theatre and broadcast spaces. To be able to reliably get and set the gallery order is very important for theatrical pieces and particularly those that bring in audience to participate.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of Andy’s request.



Having a very strong workflow based on Zoom and ZoomOSC, this feature would be of great value to me and the team.


As one who is constantly trying to improve my workflows for our events and shows, this would be a great addition.


+1 This request enhances the versatility of the zoomOSC + Zoom combo.


+1 on that it helps a lot for Event-production implementation


+1000 on this! So important for my event workflow!


Hi @liminal_andy, thanks for the suggestion.

This is a great idea and I want to thank you all (@bantupit, @zoomhost1, @dang, @bytehive, @tlaloc, @acdolph1 ) for voicing your support of this feature! We will investigate adding this in a future release.



+1 Essential feature for developers to get to yet another level with Zoom.


Throwing my hat in the ring for these additions as well.

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My company clocks in a ton of zoom hours each month. This feature will support better workflows for client engagement.

+1 ; this would be a great addition!

Thank you @FastEddy760, @dbrady, @paulBamboo, and @thereis for the feedback!

We are continuing to discuss this internally and will provide an update here as soon as we have anything significant to share. :slightly_smiling_face:


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