Recurring meeting with no fix schedule time not starting on cusom meeting screen

Hi There,

I have created scheduled meeting with no fixed time, but when i try to start it i’m getting,
com.zipow.videobox.confapp.InterpretationSinkUI.nativeInit() (tried Java_com_zipow_videobox_confapp_InterpretationSinkUI_nativeInit and Java_com_zipow_videobox_confapp_InterpretationSinkUI_nativeInit__)

this error. please note that we are using custom meeting screen for this.

here is encrypted log file for this error

can you please help on this.

Hi @jovy,

Can you please provide a code snippet showing how you are trying to start the meeting? Also the “error” you are linking does not appear to be an error. Are you seeing any errors returned from the SDK?


Hi @jon.zoom

I’m starting meeting as regualr using sdk like,

val meetingService: MeetingService = instance.meetingService ?: return 0

val jmo = JoinMeetingOptions()
jmo.no_audio = false
jmo.no_video = false
jmo.no_bottom_toolbar = true

val jmp = JoinMeetingParams()
jmp.displayName = displayName
jmp.meetingNo = id
jmp.password = password

return meetingService.joinMeetingWithParams(context, jmp, jmo)

and after this i’m showing custom meeting screen

Hi @jovy,

Thanks for the code snippet. Are you seeing any errors returned from the SDK?


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