Redirect URL for OAuth[for local testing]

Hi team.

Our app [careertasu_shukatsu]has already been approved, but there is something else I would like to check.
It`s about App credentials and Loal Test.
When applying for the app, both A and B applied for the domain of the actual production environment, not the development environment.

After changing the domain of part A to a development environment as shown in [], and saving it, the Add button is pressed in the Local Test, but it is marked as invalid redirect.

In order to use it in the development environment, should I change the part of A to the domain for the development environment and reapply?
The development environment domain is []
I am concerned that the re-application will adversely affect what has already been approved.

I couldn’t find any documents regarding this problem, So can you please help with this.
Thank you very much.

Hi @careertasu-zoom_dev ,

Did you add the redirect URL to the domain allow list in the bottom of the app credentials page?

Hi @gianni.zoom

Thank you for your comment.
There was a list to add a domain! It was my lack of confirmation. I solved this problem. Thank you very much.