Redirect user directly to Zoom call via web browser tab

Dear Zoom,

we create meetings via an Oauth API and we save the response of your server (host url, join url).
We want our users to be able to click a link, which would redirect them directly to a web browser tab, where they would attend the meeting.

The join url we got from your api is in this format Launch Meeting - Zoom. How do we specify the parameters so that the user is directly redirected to the meeting window (in a web browser)?

Thank you for your response.

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Hey @brunikb,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. If you want a user to start/join a meeting from the Web Client, you’ll want to send them to a web client URL that includes the meeting number in question.

To start a meeting you would use the following URL:{ Meeting ID }>/start

Where you replace { Meeting ID } with the Meeting ID. To join a meeting you would just replace /start with /join. You can also enable the “Join from your browser link”.

I hope that helps!


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