Redirecting Error on Zoom Meeting API


I didn’t have an answer to my question in the Community and my plan is free.


I’m struggling with redirecting error on Zoom.

What should I put as a redirect? My website and what else, redirect??

I can create the meeting apps, but never get the redirect way right.

I’m creating an app for employers to interview candidates on a job board.

The theme’s support says the only thing missing is my redirect path, which he doesn’t provide.

How To Reproduce

Using Meeting API with Oauth and user managed app:

Redirect URL for OAuth
Destination URL where Zoom will send the access token after the user completes the OAuth authentication.
Result: Error 4700 redirect…

Should I hire a developer?

First, I would like to have help from the Devs here.


Hello @Ithakajobs the 4,700 error is related to a redirect url that is not added to the allow list, please make sure both dev and prod redirect urls are added exactly as they are input on the developer UI, if not it can lead to you receiving this error.

Regards, Kwaku

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Thanks Kwaku.

(the 4,700 error is related to a redirect url that is not added to the allow list)

I’m using the same path now, but I just can’t find a way to redirect it.

I’m giving up on Zoom because of this and to support only the paid version.

Thus, Zoom is impenetrable.

Hello @Ithakajobs You haven’t really provided much information for your Zoom Integration please provide App Name:
Error Received:

Then let me see what needs to be done to resolve your issue. I saw your message on Linkedin but I prefer to keep the conversation going here for Professional courtesy

Regards, Kwaku

Hi Kwaku:

Thanks for your courtesy.

App Name: Ithaka Jobs Video Meetings

Error Received: Error 4700 redirect…

Ithaka Jobs is a Superio-themed job board found on the Envato marketplace.

In the employers’ dashboard, there is the Meetings tab, for interviewing candidates.

I can’t complete the integration with the Zoom App, since it keeps giving this error.

Superio’s support says that many can integrate and that I’m sinning in redirection.

I need to simulate being an employer and put the Zoom App data on the Meetings page. But they are only email, Client ID and Client Secret.

It has nowhere to put the token and it also doesn’t generate a redirect path.

ChatGPT tells me that I need to put some code in config.php, but it mentions that I should use a plugin that doesn’t even exist anymore.

I looked for you on Linkedin to be able to send screenshots

Best Regards,


Hello @Ithakajobs understood however, this is not a Zoom specific related issue, have you reached out to the support team on the platform?

Client Secret can only be generated using OAuth SDK, JWT( Soon to be decommissioned) and Server to Server Option. Zoom Apps won’t give you that option.

Regards, Kwaku

Thank you, I’m in contact with them looking for a solution.

Thank you very much for your attention.

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