Refreshing an Access Token

Hi Team

Previously I got this reply Unable to access one zoom API end point - #4 by akona. Now I am refreshing an Access token through my code by calling the API. I am able to generate new Access token using Refresh token generated through my code within an hour but I am unable to refresh the Access token using the Refresh token after 1 hour.

Response from API:

"reason": "Invalid Token!",

"error": "invalid_request"


Please tell me why I am facing this issue and solution for this.

Waiting for quick and positive response.


Hi @akona,

To clarify, access_tokens are only valid for 1 hour. You will need to refresh the access_token using the associated refresh_token once the token expires (or before). You will also need to make sure you’re using the refresh_token that was originally returned along with the initial access_token.

Let me know if you have additional questions about this. :slight_smile:


This is most probably due to this:


Thanks for sharing these threads, Fahad.

Thanks for your response.

No problem, glad I could help clarify. :slight_smile:

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