Refreshing JWT impact

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We’re looking to refresh our JWT (revoke and create a new one) for the first time. We are unsure of all the places it’s in use. The API logs don’t show activity, but for certain we integrate with Canvas, Panopto and use SSO. In addition, a school is generating reports for their Dean’s office. How can I monitor calls where the JWT is in use? How can I track down any apps we’re not thinking of so that we don’t break all the things while trying to refresh our token to comply with security best practices? Thank you. Eric

Hi @esnyder,

We can do a search on our backend for all the API calls using the current JWT up to the last 15 days. Can you please send a message to with this post linked and the current token so we can retrieve that information for you?

Then once you generate a new token, you can go to those APIs and update the tokens.


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Thank you! Will do!

All the best, Eric.

Thanks, @esnyder — someone from our team will be in touch with you shortly.

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