Regarding Pricing for Ionic SDK

I am new here.
I was a little bit confused regarding the pricing and limitations that Zoom Offers.
Let me explain you my scenario.

Currently i am developing an app by which users can join the hosted meeting by entering meeting id and password only. Meeting will be hosted by someone using Zoom App and all the participants will be using my app to Join it. Everything is working fine smooth as butter.

I have created an SDK app in Zoom Marketplace and took API KEY and SECRET KEY. I have read on the github page that Zoom Marketplace is free for 60 Days but i wasn’t able to find it. Looking in the forums, searching on google, some says check the pricing page. But wasn’t able to find the any pricing information on the SDK api. So please can anybody tell me where to find the pricing so that I can start further development and purchase.

Which version?
Zoom Ionic SDK Latest

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Hi @sryps3,

Thanks for the post. You should be able to create an SDK app and develop an SDK app if you have an account. Currently we are extending the 60 days free trial period so you don’t have to worry about this at the moment.

The Client SDK is yet a programmable version of the Zoom client, so the price and the rules are the same as the Zoom client, so you may refer to the pricing info here: There is no additional charge for using Zoom SDK at the moment.


Thanks for reply. Still don’t understand. Can you please explain it as per my scenario. What is this Client SDK. Is it different from Ionic SDK or what??


Hi @sryps3,

Thanks for the post. Pardon the confusion, the Ionic SDK is one of the client SDKs. So what I have mentioned above applies for the Ionic SDK.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

So, it means if somebody uses Ionic SDK to join meetings that is hosted on Zoom App have to pay as per the pricing.

Hey @sryps3,

Yes, everything is the same as the Zoom client app.