Registration is enforced on Attendees for a Meeting with Approval type = Auto Approval, when custom questions are added

Registration is enforced on attendees for a meeting with approval type = AutoApproval when custom questions are added

App type: JWT

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Create a meeting that requires Registration with Approval type = Auto approval ( Create meeting -> Settings -> approval_type = 0)
  2. Add custom questions to the Meeting on the web portal
  3. Add attendees to the meeting, add custom questions for the attendees, and generate Join URLs for each attendee(done via an API call).
  4. Start the meeting as a host.
  5. Attendee clicks the join URL to join the meeting and sees the registration page along with the custom questions even though registration is auto-approved.

Meeting Request in JSON:

“topic” : “Hello Zoom World”,
“type” : 2,
“start_time” : “2020-06-15T06:00:00”,
“duration” : 30,
“timezone” : “Europe/Minsk”,
“password” : “112233”,
“tracking_fields” : [ {
“field” : “Field1”,
“value” : “value1”
} ],
“settings” : {
“host_video” : true,
“participant_video” : false,
“cn_meeting” : false,
“in_meeting” : false,
“join_before_host” : false,
“mute_upon_entry” : false,
“watermark” : false,
“use_pmi” : false,
“approval_type” : 0,
“audio” : “both”,
“auto_recording” : “none”,
“enforce_login” : false,
“registrants_email_notification” : false

Attendee Request in JSON:
“email” : “”,
“first_name” : " hannibal",
“last_name” : “cho”,
“custom_questions” : [ {
“title” : “Enter your emp id”,
“value” : “1234”
} ]

Additional Queries:

  1. Can we define custom questions at the zoom account level, just like tracking fields? If so, please redirect me to the documentation page.
  2. Purpose of creating Custom questions at Meeting level, when the same can be done while creating an attendee via an API call to Add meeting registrant.

Hey @vamsikrishna.boyalak,

I think the issue you are having is the registrants are not using the unique join_url ( sent to them via email, but they are using just the join_url.

If a person is trying to use just the join url: then they will be prompted to fill out the questions before joining the webinar.

Please see Webinar templates:

You can set the custom questions via the Update Registration Questions endpoint too.