"registration_url" parameter for webinars not provided?

I couldnt find any information about “registration_url” parameter for webinars on API docs.
I want to retrieve “registration_url” as I list webinars and then email it.

Which Endpoint/s?

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Thank you.

Hi @philipp ,

You are right, thank you for pointing this out. Try requiring registration and testing with manual or automatic registration approval:

I believe you should see registration_url returned in the response body even though it is not documented. I will test this out myself later, but here’s a thread on some interesting, related API results that can guide your testing:

Please let me know the results of your testing.


Hi @gianni.zoom,

thanks for your reply, but I what I’m looking for is the exact way how to retrieve registration_url of a webinar, not a meeting.

However, I found out that join_url is redirected to registration_url (with some parameter though) when the webinar requires registration.

So it IS POSSIBLE to get access to the registration_url in a different way, but obviously it’s not beautiful.

Would you tell me the exact way to retrieve the value of registration_url?

It’s strange…even though I create a webinar with a registration required, the parameter registration_url doesn’t even appear as I retrieve the data of the webinar.

I took a closer look to the document

once again, and I realized that the parameter registration_url is not even mentioned in returned data…

Hey @philipp,

Thanks for pointing that out, we’ll work to improve our documentation around this property. In the meantime, the steps shared by Gianni should apply to webinars as well.


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