When Will Zoom Apps be available?

Hi Zoom Team,
Our organization is planning to use the Zoom App feature Zoom Apps | Zoom
However, whenever we register, we do not get any confirmation or any timeline when this feature will be available?
Could you please let us know if and when this feature will be available for consumption?


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Hi @barshatrai99,

Thanks for reaching out about this!

Zoom Apps are currently in beta and we expect them to be released for general availability within the next month or so!


Hi Will,

Just following back up on this to see if there are any new updates in terms of the timeline on the Zoom Apps release. Are things still on track for a release within the next couple of weeks?

Hi @johnpytel,

Thanks for checking in! Zoom Apps are still on track to be released for general availability within the next coming month or so. Please stay tuned for updates here as well:


Hello, any more updates on this?
The Zoom Apps page is very uninformative with no details on public release.

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Thanks for checking in no this @varshit.dusad!

We don’t have a launch date for this just yet, but it’s still in the works and coming soon! As soon as more information is available, this page will be updated.


Hmm, that’s disappointing. We have been eyeing on Zoom apps for a long while now!

Can we have some rough idea in terms of order of wait - is it weeks or months?

Because if latter we would perhaps start doing our own development on top of zoom sdk.

Hi @varshit.dusad,

Zoom Apps will be available within the next month or two most likely!


@will.zoom I don’t mean to kill the messenger here but I have to admit that this has become quite frustrating. First we were told January 2021. Then it was pushed to March 2021. In May we were told it’s expected to be released “in the next month or so” and now at the end of June the expectation is “in the next month or two. Most likely.”.

Is there any way to get more concrete of an answer than that? Or better yet any information that can be shared regarding dev requirements, etc. so that we can start preparing and be ready to go as soon as it becomes available?

If the expected release is truly within the next month or so I have to imagine there is some sort of information that can be shared at this point.


Hi @johnpytel,

I appreciate the feedback and can understand the frustration in not being able to have a concrete timeline for this launch—I know it’s important for our developer community to be able to proactively plan around upcoming releases and I do sincerely sympathize with the ambiguity.

While I wish I had more details to share with you at this exact moment, I’m afraid this is all the information I have at this time. We will continue to monitor this thread and share updated timing on this as soon as it’s available.

Thank you,

What would be useful and make up for lost time is having documentation.

This will allow us to know if the Zoom App will fit the requirements of a problem we have. If it doesn’t, we will not waste time pursuing/waiting for it and find another way.


Thanks, @jimig. Our documentation is currently under development and we will post updates as soon as it’s ready for release.

Just an update to everyone on this thread. Zoom apps are officially launched:

That said @will.zoom, I couldn’t use it in my android app after update. Is Android still a work in progress?

Also can we expect Zoom Apps to be launched in client sdks as well?

@will.zoom Zoom apps!! Tried it on my windows client and it looks fantastic!! Eagerly waiting for documentation to develop our enterprise app in the platform! Is it already out?

Thanks, @johnsabujohn,

Zoom Apps were launched for customer availability of a subset of apps, but GA for developers and availability of developer resources have not been released yet. We will be sharing updates soon!


Avatier is an SSO competitor with Okta and OneLogin. Not letting Avatier in the Zoom App store (just show our SAML integration like they are doing) is giving them an unfair sales advantage and could be costing Avatier sales opportunities. I am not a lawyer so I do not know what material damages may exist.

Please consider letting Avatier into the Zoom App store.

We are in the Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Outlook, Slack, ServiceNow stores and see no reason why should be excluded from this store with so many other vendors are there including direct competitors.

Thank you for your consideration

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Same issue with Crowdpurr.com (a trivia and audience engagement app). We have yet to be allowed access to Zoom Apps while most of our competitors have been. What’s more… we were just contacted by WebEx to be a launch-partner for WebEx Apps which is coming soon. So, c’mon Zoom. WebEx is coming up behind you quick. And they apparently seem to be a lot more inclusive.

Hi @Evolross @DrNel,

As we prepare to release Zoom Apps more widely, please keep an eye out for General Availability for developers — we hope to have more updates to share on the timing for this soon. If you haven’t yet, please make sure to sign up for updates here.