Zoom Apps GA Release Update

Can you PLEASE provide any sort of expected timeline on the GA Release of Zoom Apps other than “it will be coming soon but isn’t available yet”?

I’ve given up on getting an exact launch date but can you at least give us a ballpark estimate? I hope we’re still not 6 months away from GA release but if that is the case I’d much rather just know that now so that we can plan accordingly versus continuing to be told “soon” or “we expect within the next month” and then it not happening.

In-meeting / webinar app integration with Zoom is pretty critical for our business moving forward and I know that there are many other companies in the same situation. I understand that’s not really Zoom’s problem but constantly moving the goal posts on us in terms of the expected release date and now the complete lack of any information only makes it more difficult for us.

If there’s anything more concrete that you can share it will be very much appreciated.


I’m also waiting for GA release of Zoom App for a long time.

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Hi @Sagar_Kumar @johnpytel,

I can appreciate the frustration with not being able to have a concrete timeline, and we’re doing our best to nail down the timing as soon as possible. I do know that we are likely much closer than 6 months from developer GA. I would expect updates from us within the next 1-2 months.

I realize this is not as specific as desired, but I hope it helps to gauge.

Zoom Developer Relations

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