We are using Mac RTC Zoom SDK for video calling and chatting support in our Mac OS X project.

Problem Description:

We using the following code to open meeting setting component:

ZoomSDKMeetingService* meetingService = [[ZoomSDK sharedSDK] getMeetingService]; 
ZoomSDKMeetingUIController* controller = [meetingService getMeetingUIController]; 
ZoomSDKError err = [controller showMeetingComponent:MeetingComponent_Setting window:nil show:YES InPanel:YES frame:NSZeroRect];

Meeting setting window shows “record” tab, even when the recording is disabled for all the meetings in our meeting settings. How can we remove or hide record tab as our app does not support any recording.

And further we are unable to show the setting component window using above code before joining the meeting, but after joining the meeting we are able to show setting component window using the code.


   Zoom Mac SDK doesn’t support customize the setting window tab, and the setting window in old sdk pkg only works after meeting starts, it will be show in pre-meeting and in-meeting in our next release package.