Rename Display Name of My User as a Guest

I need a way to programatically rename myself as a guest (not the host). This could either be by a keyboard shortcut to pull up the rename dialog box, the API, or I could (worst-case scenario) create a web app using the Web SDK.

The context of this is, If I have multiple people on one physical room joined to a meeting as a guest on a single device, the display name for their account represents the entire group (e.g. The Smith Family). However, when raising their hand, only one of them is meant. I would like to programatically change the name to the person that is raising their hand.)

Just a hotkey to pull up the rename dialog would be awesome!

I try to find a solution for this issue.
I think a hotkey for rename it will be good.
Dear developer, is it possible?

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Any ideas on this? Open to suggestions I’m not thinking of.

This feature would be very appreciated.

A simple keyboard shortcut like “Alt+F12” for example would do the job.
Any chance this could be included in a future release?