API to Rename Display Name of My User as a Guest

I need a way to programatically rename myself as a guest (not the host). This could either be by a keyboard shortcut to pull up the rename dialog box, the API, or I could (worst-case scenario) create a web app using the Web SDK.

The context of this is, If I have multiple people on one physical room joined to a meeting as a guest on a single device, the display name for their account represents the entire group (e.g. The Smith Family). However, when raising their hand, only one of them is meant. I would like to programatically change the name to the person that is raising their hand.)

Hi @jonmhargett,

Thanks for reaching out about this—happy to offer some guidance.

To that end, you might consider using the Meeting Registration endpoint to generate a unique join URL for this participant. In doing so, you would set the First & Last Name of this participant. Just keep in mind that this would be a pre-meeting request.

You can set this in the web portal, or via the Add Meeting Registrant API .

Let me know if this helps!

Thanks for the suggestion. This use case requires changing the name multiple times during the course of the meeting.

Hey @jonmhargett,

I appreciate the feedback, and can definitely understand the value in having an API endpoint to handle this in real time. While I’m happy to share this feedback internally, I’d also recommend suggesting this in our #feature-requests channel as well, if you’re so inclined. :slight_smile:


Added as a feature request:

Thanks @jonmhargett — we appreciate the suggestion and our team will continue to review requests like these on a regular basis.


It will be nice. I am looking for solution for same issue.

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Thanks for raising this with us @labist ! We will continue to advocate for this.


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