Mapping chat users after rename

In a meeting users are allowed to rename themselves which are shown to other users. This shows up in the chat file as well. Unfortunately if a user renames themselves we have no way of knowing from the chat file who the user is unless it matches their user name. And if a user changes their name to someone else’s name then they look like they are impersonating them.


|00:01:06|Zoom Test:|Hello everyone it is 3:50pm|
|00:01:16|Skyler:|hey, this is me|
|00:01:24|Skyler:|i än going to change my name|
|00:01:53|Zoom Test:|Hey Skyler how are you doing?|
|00:02:06|Saxophone:|sorry my name is saxophone now| <---- Skyler renamed to Saxophone
|00:02:28|Saxophone:|what this shows up as in our chat file|
|00:02:39|Zoom Test:|I can’t wait to see either. The suspense is killing me!|
|00:03:08|Bari Sax:|Baritone Saxophones are a lot of fun to play| <— Zoom Test renamed to Bari Sax
|00:03:34|Bari Sax:|Some more chat at 3:53pm from the Baritone saxophone|
|00:03:43|Bari Sax:|We should get together and play a gig|
|00:03:49|Bari Sax:|Saxomaphone!!!|

It would be helpful if there was another column, either email or userid they would you identify who was actually participating in the chat even if they change their name. If the user is a guest/anonymous then that could be signified as well so we know the chat is from a non account user.

Hey @zoom-test,

Thank you for your feedback, I will pass this on to the team.

We are working on in Meeting Chat API’s, but I do not have a date when those will be released.

In the meantime you can subscribe to our change log here to be notified of updates.


@tommy glad to hear that the team is working on the Meeting Chat API’s. Adding this information wouldn’t need a full API update though. It would just require a new format for the chat file to have a little more information on each row so that a user could be more easily identified and matched to the listed participants in the meeting.

@zoom-test, correct, thanks for the feedback.