Repeatedly enter and exit the breakout room


After creating a meeting in the desktop version of Zoom, connect to the meeting with the reference app of the ZoomSDK iOS version and join the meeting.

Create about 5 breakout rooms in the desktop version (created as manual assignment), and assign the users of the reference app to the appropriate breakout rooms.

Assign the user to a different breakout room that has already been created from the desktop version, join the breakout room from the menu(BOAttendee_JoinBO) of the reference app, and then leave. If this is repeated, the user will return to the main session without being able to join the breakout room and will not be able to join the breakout room.

As far as I can tell from Xcode, the MobileRTCBOAttendeeImp is increasing (some indications are that it is causing a memory leak), and I think the reason is that it is not being released.

Which iOS Meeting SDK version?
Zoom SDK 5.7.6 Sample App


Hey @KAZUMA87,

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Can you reproduce the issue one more time, and send me your logs to
Please mention my name and a link to this post.


Hello @Michael_Condon ,

Should I send the logs obtained by the method described in the document?


Hey @KAZUMA87,

Yep, that is correct :slight_smile:


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