Reports API doesn't send renamed names

I am trying to capture the participants’ original names and renamed names were they were renamed during a meeting. The report section in zoom web app under “Active Users” if I export that report than that exported csv file has the original name and renamed name in there but, if I tried the same thing using Reports API the response doesn’t include the renamed name it only includes the original name.

Is this intentional? Is there a way I can capture the same using an API?

Type of App

Which Endpoint/s?

Greetings, @Jainam_Shah_spurtree,

Thanks for sharing these details. As a next step, would you be able to send your account details along with any API’s you’re requesting including the path it’s attempting, the body of the request, and the error code / response body returned to From there we can look at your account and see if the Engineering team needs to troubleshoot.

This will help me to further debug—I’ll keep an eye out!



@donte.S Sure I have send you a mail with the details from email address

@donte.S Gentle reminder: the details for this issue has been send to

Hi, @Jainam_Shah_spurtree,

Thanks for the update. I will follow up with you there !

More Soon,

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