Request for APIs for monitoring apps


I would like to make a few feature requests regarding apps:

  1. I would like to have an event in the operation logs for every time a user authorizes or revokes access for an app.
  2. As an account admin, I would like to have an API for getting all the apps that are currently authorized to access my account, and who are the users that authorized each app. This info is available in the UI, but unfortunately not via the API.
  3. I would like to have an API for getting API call logs by each app (that is, get logs for all accesses made by apps to resources in my account). This too is available in the UI but not via API.

Are any of these features in the roadmap?


Hi, you need to call operation_logs api. For more please watch session → here.

Thanks Naeem, but I couldn’t find any events in the operation logs that are relevant to my question, that is, events of authorization/revoking of access of an app :frowning:

OK, then you can review those details

And if you own the app then you can review logs here also

Absolutely, this is exactly the information I want, but I want this information to be available via API, for an automated monitoring tool I am building in my organization.

Yes, you can use Marketplace APIs → Zoom Marketplace API.

Thanks Naeem, but the Marketplace API doesn’t expose any of the information I am interested in and that I listed in the original post. :confused: