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/operationLogs /activities

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Zoom Meeting API

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I’m building an integration using the endpoints above to read admin logs that can be used in security investigations. This requires customers to build an OAuth App to authenticate report:read:admin scopes.

We’re not distributing or publishing our app, but we are asking customers to create an OAuth App which will allow them to read logs. Does this integration need a security review and if so, how can I begin that process?

Our use case is out of scope for the Marketplace as we’re not integrating with the product so I’m wondering if there’s another process we need to follow? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


We do not allow Apps that are requesting Publishing to ask users to create apps to use another product. If thats how your App works please do not apply for publishing, given that your app will be restricted to users located on your Zoom account. So I think it would be better to rethink your app logic to achieve your goal, if the limits mentioned above do not affect you then please go ahead and continue developing your app without Publishing.

Regards, Kwaku

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Thank you @kwaku.nyante! We fall outside of the limits stated above will not submit for publishing. We appreciate your help!