Request page_size 300, but get 50 in each pagination

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  • I would like to increase the value of page_size as much as possible in the iq/conversations API to reduce the number of pagenation.
  • How can I specify 300 for page_size and successfully get all the records as per the specification?

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  • Even if I increase the number of records specified in page_size, the maximum number of records returned is 50.
  • Furthermore, if we specify 100 for page_size, the number of records will be halved, and if we specify 200, the number of records will be reduced to 1/4, and the next_page_token will not be issued when the number of records is less than the number of records that actually exist, and the pagenation will end.

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Hi @wtnvenga
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to the Zoom Developer Forum.
So can you confirm that if you pass the query param page_size with a value of 300 you are only getting 50 records back? Can you confirm that you have more than 50 records in your response?

About the next_page_token, this will only be issued if there is more data available to pull, if not, it is expected that you are not getting one

Hi @elisa.zoom, thank you for your reply!

Yes, for example, in the API for “iq/conversations”, when we specify 300, we are sure that the key “conversations” contains only 50 records. ( Perhaps other keys than “conversations” will be added?).
Since there are about 9,000 records expected in all, there should be enough records to specify 300.

Thanks for sharing more details with me @wtnvenga
I will follow up in a private message to get some more information about this request so I can take a further look into it

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I am working on the same now, and sent a request to support. “iq/conversations only returns a max of 50. Additionally the next-page_token does not work, I tried page_token and that worked.

Hi everyone.
To update this public thread, it looks like this is a bug on our end and we will be fixing this in our late November release.

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Thanks for the update!

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