Request to share this app outside this account is not working

I would like to expand private testing for our Zoom OAuth app without publishing to the marketplace. We don’t intent to publish this app ever in its current form, its used to understand what it may take to integrate the OAuth flow. So I used “Request to share this app outside this account” link to submit request.

Problem is I am not seeing any valid communication regarding request.
Once I submit request I get message that request is sent only the link to re-appear next day without me knowing what happened to my earlier request. Can this process of sharing app be made reliable and sped up? Its frustrating to wait for app to be shareable while in development as it needs to be fast process

Which App?

We do face the same problem. We’d like to have the publishable URL as well. our project is called Consentz.

Hey @vaibhavsaher , @consentz ,

Each request is reviewed by our App Review team on a first in, first out basis. :slight_smile:

You should be hearing back soon from the app review team if you have not already.


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