Updates to the published app

How long does it typically take for an update to be functionally and security-reviewed for a published app? We have a published app on the marketplace and just need to update write scopes for our users. The timeline will help us plan for the launch better.

Hi @gangwalsaurabh
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community!
As your app is already published, it will only need to go through functional testing for any changed scopes and the Marketplace team works on a First in First out basis so it depends on their queue.
I believe the SLA is 72 hours, and sometimes can be less than that when apps are published.
But in general the update process is faster than the first review of your app

Hope this helps,

Thanks a lot Elisa. This helps a lot.

Of course! @gangwalsaurabh happy to help :slight_smile: