Requesting update: Q&A Component Rerender when new question is submitted

Just opening a new topic as the previous one was closed for inactivity. Are there any updates regarding this? I were able to work around it by using MutationObserver to repopulate the text input after the list of questions was re-rendered, but that’s a band-aid fix at best that relies on the Q&A box DOM remaining consistent.

Additionally, our CIO was asking for updates as to when video quality on the Web SDK would get better. Is there a timeline for when at least 720p would actually be available?

Continuing the discussion from Q&A Component rerender when a new question is submitted changes browser focus, wiping out questions being typed:

When multiple attendees are typing questions, questions being submitted re-renders the Q&A component, switching the browser focus from the question text input element to the newly submitted question and wiping out any text that any other attendees may have entered in the text input element.

If the browser loses focus (e.g. attendee partially types question, then ALT-TABs out of the browser window) and another attendee submits a question, the partially typed question in the input text element is not lost.

We’ve reproduced this error in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Chromium Edge. I’m not observing any error messages in the developer tools console.

Which version?

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Set up a webinar. Make sure that “Allow Attendee to view all questions” is selected. Our users want to be able to see and upvote the questions being submitted.
  2. Join a webinar as 2 separate attendees on separate computers (so you don’t lose browser focus by typing in another window). You can observe this behavior on both the local and CDN hosted versions of the web SDK.
  3. Have attendee 1 partially type a question in the Q&A box, but do not submit it. Keep attendee 1’s browser focus in the Q&A text input.
  4. Have attendee 2 type and submit a question in the Q&A text input.
  5. Attendee 1’s browser focus should automatically shift to the newly submitted question from attendee 2, wiping out their text in the Q&A text input.

Hey @ddelosangeles,

Happy to provide an update! :slight_smile: We are working on fitting this into our roadmap, and once we know which release it will be included in, we will share that. (CS-2208)

As for the 720p, we are actively working on this, and it will be released in an upcoming version.

You can stay updated here:


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