Reset Meeting SDK App

I created a SDK app, but I selected the option to publish the app but is not required for my SDK development. Can I do a reset to create a new SDK APP?


I have the same problem and have been waiting for a solution since 09/20/2022

I’m in the same boat as well, will likely need to dump the whole account if I can’t find a solution soon.

Hi, @erick.chavira ,

At this time, it is possible to change the state of the app from no - to - yes, but not from yes - to - no. However, you can still use your app to develop with meeting SDK with no impact on your development process.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.

Greetings, @sdfreedomcaucus, @minden ,

Sorry to hear about the problem you are facing with the current state of your Marketplace App. At Zoom, we are committed to providing the best possible experience for developers. I would be happy to take your feedback and share it with our internal team for further consideration. We value your input and appreciate your contribution. To this point, can you please provide more information about the issue you are facing and how it is impacting your development process? Any feedback or information you can provide will be tremendously valuable and will help us improve.

Once I have this information, I will bring your concerns and pain points to the attention of our internal team for consideration on how we can improve the developer experience.

Thank you in advance for helping us improve.

I have the same issue here: accidentally choose the ‘yes’ option, and I’m stuck. Can you please delete or do a hard reset for my Meeting SDK, so that I can either create a new one, or change the setting from ‘Yes’ to ‘No’?


Donte - It appears I’ve gotten my plugin to work. Before I was getting all sorts of errors, but now - it seems to be running just fine.

My apologies.

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@erick.chavira @aeronyc @sdfreedomcaucus @minden

We have just released the multiple SDK app feature on marketplace.

In case there are some changes you wanted to do, you can now create additional SDK apps on your marketplace account.