Zoom Rooms for Appliances: Mute/Unmute

I’m checking Zoom Rooms for Appliances ver 5.11.0 API enhancement.

  • Zoom Room API functions
    Organizations can use API commands to answer or decline meeting invites, and mute or unmute microphone input.

I believe this refers to Zoom Rooms API. It should not be Zoom Rooms CLI since Telnet/SSH seems not to work on my Zoom Rooms for Appliances 5.11.0(NEAT).

How can we run “mute or unmute microphone input” by using Zoom Room API?
Developer Doc does not have this method.

Hi @yuki.iwagishi thanks for sharing. I’m looking into this and will update you ASAP.


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Hi @yuki.iwagishi , the full API breakdown for Zoom Rooms can be found here: Zoom Meeting API

Thank you!

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I’ve read the old Zoom Room API.
The latest one solved my another Q, which OAuth supports for Zoom Rooms API!

Thanks so mcuh!

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