REST API for Zoom Video SDK Sessions

I’m integrating with the Web Video SDK but I also need to perform some server-side management operations on Sessions, such as:

  • getting the list of current sessions and their participants;
  • starting streaming to third party services;
  • forcefully terminating a Session when a specific event happens in my application.

Here’s the Zoom REST API. Where are the Session-related operations? They don’t seem to be documented.


Hi @Moreno,

The Video SDK does not have any REST API functions at this time, however you can always request them in #feature-requests. Currently, you need to implement your own methods for monitoring sessions and participants, as well as streaming sessions to third party services.


Hey @alexmayo, thanks for the suggestion. I did open a feature request here.

I’ll be honest: it’s a bit strange for a product to be released in 2021 without a REST API. It makes the product unusable for me. But before actually giving up, I’ll try to use the Desktop Video SDK on the server side, even though I expect it to be much more time consuming than it needs to be.

Hey @Moreno ,

Thanks for sharing the feature request! :slight_smile:

We are sorry to hear that, but are always working on improving and developing new features.

In the meantime checkout my suggestions here: End a session from server side - #2 by tommy CC @alexmayo


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Perhaps you could broadcast to your clients which would listen for the event and terminate the session.

Hey @tommy thanks for the suggestion but I’d rather not rely on a client for management operations. I would need to use the Desktop Video SDK on the server side but that’s a C++ library for Windows and x86 only. My application is C# and runs in a x64 Linux docker container.

Last stand: I’ve seen the Desktop Video SDK communicates with the Zoom server via Protobuf messages. I wonder if you could let me have your protobuf definition so that my application can just send messages to the Zoom server directly, like the SDK would.
If you can’t send the definition to me, would it be against your rules of conduct if I just sniffed the Protobuf network traffic, reverse engineer it with Protobuf inspector and learn which messages should my application send?

Hey @Moreno ,

The best solution here would be for us to develop some session management related APIs.

We will get this on our roadmap. :slight_smile:


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