Rest api zoom Version V1 issue in join meeting

Hello i am trying to create meeting via version V1 api the meeting is creating fine
flow of api how it work mention below

  1. one user creating meeting after he is the host and start meeting and another user join meeting with same meeting id when i am trying to join meeting i got an error but in response join meeting is success no any error in console but i found an error in console is given in attached screen short
    so can you let me know about error is in zoom api or something else

Our implement flow like bellow
-> When doctor is create meeting and invites other doctor we have all details store on database and then we have fire create zoom account id api for create zoom account for this user.
-> Then we also call create meeting api and create meeting and store this meeting on database.

When user press start meeting button we are doing like bellow things.
-> Get meeting id on databse
-> above meeting id throuw start meeting. then other invited doctor is able to see join meeting button.
-> Then invited doctor is click on join meeting button so we are use same meeting id throuw join meeting.

In this case
-> Start meeting is working fine on one pc. and same meeting id thorouw we are trying to join this meeting on website but here i am getting Scoket Close error( But on console we recived message meeting is started. also recived this json : {method: “join”, status: true, errorCode: 0, errorMessage: null, result: null} )

I was tried other case
-> Start meeting on website and same meeting id use to join meeting via zoom offical link and that’s work fine.

So i think issue on API setting on web so can you suggest me which is the issue.


This issue is fixed. Closing old topic.