REST Meeting api meeting/create creating two meetings (duplicate) on zoom account with single request and response from api is only one meeting id and data

The request I am sending is host_id=MyHostId&topic=Math&type=2&timezone=Etc%2FGreenwich&password=123&start_time=2017-04-08T08%3A00%3A00Z&registration_type=1&api_key=MyApiKey&api_secret=MyApiSecrete&data_type=XML

For this request 2 meetings are created on my zoom account with same date time. Please suggest any changes to be done. This is very urgent. Please help

Hi, sorry we missed your post. can you check the call log and see if you are seeing two request and responses ? 

The call log will show what our backend has received and sent. 



There is nothing in the call log in the account. It’s blank

Hi, In the account call log is blank. But while debugging api I received only one response for one request

Hi shantala&Raveendra

you should be able to see one call log if you make one successful API call. 

I am also facing the same problem created 2 meetings on zoom account with single request.

In my call log i can view 2 successfull api call with single request.