Retrieve a specific user endpoint returns a wrong "verified" value

  1. I am using an endpoint that retrieves user data. The matter is that it returns “verified” = 0 for users who used, for example, Google. For login/password it works fine.
    To test it, you can send an invitation to a user, so he/she can accept the invitation and use Google as a login mechanism. Then, you use the API, and the response says that user activation has not been completed (verified == 0).

  2. Is there a chance to create a user for you account, and disallow Google/Facebook as an activation options ?

  3. Speaking of account activation via Facebook, when using it, it seems that the label “Waiting for activation” does not got away at all. Plus, in “linked accounts”, there’s no FB icon.

Updated: I found out that such accounts (created via Google only) start returning “verified” = 1 once the admin changes the user’s password. Is that whole thing with “verified” a bug ??

Additionally, I noticed that when I use the link provided above, and specify “login_type” query parameter, it has no effect. For example, it I used Google to create an account, and use recently created id to get the user’s info, it will give me this info regardless what “login_type” I am specifying.

Hey @i_maxim,

I will look into these to see if there is a bug and get back to you. (ZOOM-133002)


Hey @i_maxim,

To disable the Facebook and Google login, the master account will need to do the following:

  1. Visit Account Management > Sub Accounts
  2. Click on the account name
  3. Sign is Account Owner
  4. Navigate to Security
  5. Disable “Allow users to sign in with Google” and “Allow users to sign in with Facebook"

This assumes that the sub account is a paid account.


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