Retrieve a webinar's absentees - past_webinars/{WebinarUUID}/absentees

I have tried to get absentees list for the respective webinar it’s showing following response.

{“code”:3001,“message”:“Meeting ID is invalid or not end.”}

I have executed below steps:

  1. Ended the webinar through API call
  2. Call Retrieve webinar API call to get uuid
  3. encoded that uuid and passed to the Webinar’s absentees API to get the list. (Tried with single and double encoding the uuid)
  4. but its not working and showing the response - {“code”:3001,“message”:“Meeting ID is invalid or not end.”}

Are you using the UUID or the ID from the response?

We are sending UUID from the response to get the absentees list.

Is it a recurring Webinar or does it just have one single instance?

It’s Single Instance Webinar

Is any update on this ?

Interesting, can you please PM me the meeting ID? I’ll need to investigate further.

Please give me your email id to send meeting id.

I have already replied to mail with webinar id but still not get any update on this. Please look into it.

Hi @ganesh.bachhav,

I will get back to you with an update on this.